Taie cod HTML fara sa strici tagurile HTML

In cadrul unui proiect recent a trebuit sa dezvolt o functie care sa ia sursa HTMl a unei pagini si sa o sparga in mai multe parti, fara ca sa taie in mijlocul unui tag HTML. Dupa ce m-am chinuit o perioada sa scriu acest cod am decis sa apelez la coderi mai inspirati si sa caut pe google o solutie :D. Dupa o vreme de cautat si incercat diverse coduri am dat de codul de mai jos. Este o metoda dintr-o clasa a cakephp framework si isi face treaba perfect.

Sper sa aveti noroc si daca cautati acesta functie sa gasiti acest articol si sa salvati niste timp.
* Truncates text.
* Cuts a string to the length of $length and replaces the last characters
* with the ending if the text is longer than length.
* @param string $text String to truncate.
* @param integer $length Length of returned string, including ellipsis.
* @param string $ending Ending to be appended to the trimmed string.
* @param boolean $exact If false, $text will not be cut mid-word
* @param boolean $considerHtml If true, HTML tags would be handled correctly
* @return string Trimmed string.
function truncate($text, $length = 100, $ending = ‘…’, $exact = true, $considerHtml = false) {
if ($considerHtml) {
// if the plain text is shorter than the maximum length, return the whole text
if (strlen(preg_replace(‘/<.*?>/’, ”, $text)) <= $length) { return $text; } // splits all html-tags to scanable lines preg_match_all('/(<.+?>)?([^<>]*)/s’, $text, $lines, PREG_SET_ORDER);
$total_length = strlen($ending);
$open_tags = array();
$truncate = ”;
foreach ($lines as $line_matchings) {
// if there is any html-tag in this line, handle it and add it (uncounted) to the output
if (!empty($line_matchings[1])) {
// if it’s an “empty element” with or without xhtml-conform closing slash (f.e.
if (preg_match(‘/^<(\s*.+?\/\s*|\s*(img|br|input|hr|area|base|basefont|col|frame|isindex|link|meta|param)(\s.+?)?)>$/is’, $line_matchings[1])) {
// do nothing
// if tag is a closing tag (f.e. )
} else if (preg_match(‘/^<\s*\/([^\s]+?)\s*>$/s’, $line_matchings[1], $tag_matchings)) {
// delete tag from $open_tags list
$pos = array_search($tag_matchings[1], $open_tags);
if ($pos !== false) {
// if tag is an opening tag (f.e. )
} else if (preg_match(‘/^<\s*([^\s>!]+).*?>$/s’, $line_matchings[1], $tag_matchings)) {
// add tag to the beginning of $open_tags list
array_unshift($open_tags, strtolower($tag_matchings[1]));
// add html-tag to $truncate’d text
$truncate .= $line_matchings[1];
// calculate the length of the plain text part of the line; handle entities as one character
$content_length = strlen(preg_replace(‘/&[0-9a-z]{2,8};|&#[0-9]{1,7};|[0-9a-f]{1,6};/i’, ‘ ‘, $line_matchings[2]));
if ($total_length+$content_length> $length) {
// the number of characters which are left
$left = $length – $total_length;
$entities_length = 0;
// search for html entities
if (preg_match_all(‘/&[0-9a-z]{2,8};|&#[0-9]{1,7};|[0-9a-f]{1,6};/i’, $line_matchings[2], $entities, PREG_OFFSET_CAPTURE)) {
// calculate the real length of all entities in the legal range
foreach ($entities[0] as $entity) {
if ($entity[1]+1-$entities_length <= $left) { $left--; $entities_length += strlen($entity[0]); } else { // no more characters left break; } } } $truncate .= substr($line_matchings[2], 0, $left+$entities_length); // maximum lenght is reached, so get off the loop break; } else { $truncate .= $line_matchings[2]; $total_length += $content_length; } // if the maximum length is reached, get off the loop if($total_length>= $length) {
} else {
if (strlen($text) <= $length) { return $text; } else { $truncate = substr($text, 0, $length - strlen($ending)); } } // if the words shouldn't be cut in the middle... if (!$exact) { // ...search the last occurance of a space... $spacepos = strrpos($truncate, ' '); if (isset($spacepos)) { // ...and cut the text in this position $truncate = substr($truncate, 0, $spacepos); } } // add the defined ending to the text $truncate .= $ending; if($considerHtml) { // close all unclosed html-tags foreach ($open_tags as $tag) { $truncate .= '‘;
return $truncate;

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